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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Learning to Use The Wood Stove by Liana

My house came with a cute little wood burning stove, called an Earth Stove. Being the middle of summer I didn’t give it much thought. Coming from Florida, all I know about is air conditioning. But burning wood for heat? That means buying firewood, getting it home, cutting it up, and the stacking it. It means sweeping and cleaning ashes, and the figuring out what to do with the ashes. I needed to collect newspaper and kindling, and learn how to light a fire. Oh yes, and then there is the essential sweeping of the chimney.
My pioneer skills are poor at best. But, I am determined to make friends with my stove. To be continued....

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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Cindy and the Horses

Cindy is an animal lover. And she loves the horses. Actually the "horses" consist of one horse, named Guy; 2 mules, Mutt and Jeff; and a minature donkey named Eore. She buys carrots buy the bushel and feeds them every day. They frequently escape from their yard and go looking for Cindy. On more than one morning she has awoken to find them looking in her bedroom window. She just goes out in her pajamas and leads them back into their yard.

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Saturday, January 20, 2007

At The Ranch by Liana

I moved to the ranch in September 2006. I am renting a 100 year old farmhouse, on the other side of the creek from the "big house". I rented the house because the setting would be perfect for my work as a professional artist. Inspiring views and lots of quiet. But I had no idea what living on a ranch in Colorado, would be like. Some days there is just too much excitement to get much work done. But, I love it. The Grimwoods treat me like family, I'm learning all kinds of new things, and my best friend, Cindy, is a never ending source of fun.

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