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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Sired In A Limo by Cindy

Oh, boy!!! What we don't know. Living out here on the ranch, with acres for hay and cattle, etc., you think you've seen and smelled everything. The other day, Liana and I were coming back from Alamosa, and I had the radio on (my music station, but, between 12 and 1 they have the stock report, etc.) and we were heading home between noon and 1pm. They were talking about heifers, and what they were selling for, the weights, etc., and I heard this comment about Limosine "sized" - I'm thinking, "WOW!!,limosine sized heifer, that's one big animal." Well, I heard it again and realized they were saying limosine "sired." Needless to say, my imagination began to run amok. I could just imagine all of these heifers lined up at the doors to a huge limosine, waiting to be diddled by some huge bull - sitting on the back seat with a Cuban cigar. So, began the quest to find out what limosine sired meant. A City Girl cannot be blamed for not knowing these things. It turns out that Limosine is a kind of cattle, like Jersey or Angus or whatever. But, you know, I kind of like to think of these very content ladies out here in the pastures, calving now, having memories of their night on the prairie, in this limosine and a very handsome bull, the moon is out, coyotes are howling, the music from the Limo radio is playing "Home On The Range," the champagne is spilling over the rim of the champagne glass, and those girls are looking forward to a wild night of sex. Let's all hope for the same thing.

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