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Tuesday, February 6, 2007

The Wood Stove - Getting Firewood

I convince Cindy to go with me to the lumber mill in La Jara to by slab firewood. My Chevy truck has a big hitch, so I borrow the Grimwoods long flat bed trailer, complete with ratcheting tie downs, and we set off for La Jara. Neither of us has any idea how to buy firewood, but we decided to wing it. La Jara is about 40 miles away by the back roads. We have to take the back roads because the trailer has no tags. Neither of us have a cell phone to call for help, so we just cross our fingers that we don’t break down or have a flat tire. We arrive at the lumber mill and pretend that we know what we are doing. A very large man, with a very large machine, loaded two cords of wood onto our trailer. He used our tie downs to strap the wood to the trailer, and put air in one of the trailer tires that was flat. He then asked me to dinner. We giggled all the way home at our audacity.

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