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Sunday, February 4, 2007

Animal In Distress!!!!! by Cindy

Justin! Justin! there's an animal in distress by the side of the road. Those were my strained words spoken urgently to the owner of this property the other night. I'd been looking out the window of my little house and could see this poor animal struggling, the wind was blowing, snow was blowing, and my heart just ached. Justin's reply was to say he'd go take a look and we hung up. Thinking that he might need my help in locating the animal, I flew out of the house without a coat or gloves and headed up to the road. I dreaded what I might find, but plugged ahead anyhow, and got there before Justin and his faithful dog arrived. Looking down on this poor thing, I yelled across to Justin: You can go home, it's a tumbleweed!!! I'm older, my eyesight is poor and it was getting dark!

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