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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Posting My Profile on Yahoo Personals

I start my profile with the easy questions first. Yes, I am a female, Caucasian, divorced, 5’6”, with green eyes. My hair color? Brown with a little gray and a few blonde streaks. Oh yes, hair color would be “multi”. Body type, slim, slender, average? Well, that would depend on the time of the month and if I am wearing my skinny jeans or thermals and sweats. OK, I picked slender. Thank God they didn’t ask about my bust size.

Now for the questions about the type of man I am looking for. That's easy, tall and handsome. But, that really narrows the field. How about, anyone taller than 5’6”, hair color: any ; eye color: any; Police record: No; Alcoholic: No; Sex Pervert: Maybe, that all depends

OK, now I have to post pictures of myself. There is the picture of me with the lamp shade on my head last new years eve. How about the one at the beach? No way! OK, how about the one standing next to my Mom? No, bad hair day. This is not getting any easier. I reconsider the lamp shade picture.

Lastly, I have to write a little something about myself. This is too much like homework. I need to get help with this, so I call Cindy over for a consultation. We manage to come up with something witty. I hold my breath and press the submit button. Yahoo!

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