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Monday, February 12, 2007

Man Hunt by Cindy

Liana started out on this search long before I even knew her. Me, at this age, sure wasn't going to put myself out there. I wasn't going to be ignored, shunned, and basically made to feel less than human. So whenever she would suggest that I should put my profile on one of these dating services, my response was no way. So, I thought about it, and wondered, then decided that maybe, just maybe there would be someone out there that would see me and want to reply and "chat". So, I said to Liana, well, I'm thinking about it. Liana, never one to let a chance go by, jumped on my momentary weakness. She was at my house that same day, and, lo and behold, I am watching her pull up the screen with the profile questions. Well, what can I say, there I was filling out this questionnaire. Heart in my mouth, this wind sound blowing through my brain, I typed and answered yes, and no and maybe, and lord!!! They want my size!! Ever in denial I entered petite/slim - the questionnaire kicked out my response. I can't tell the truth! I can't do this. Oxygen was brought in and I managed to complete the questionaire portion. Then, I had to describe myself, my likes, hobbies, something that would possibly generate some interest from some man out there. What to say - there hasn't been any interest in years, does that tell you something? What to say, I asked Liana, and her response was, well, you know - but I don't know! You're under a lot of pressure, they only allow you so many minutes to "pause". So, finally, I called upon all my resources and wrote the truth: I'm 62, wealthy, the body of a young Marilyn Monroe, the face of a Greek goddess, exercise for two hours daily, married three times (a widow from each marriage) enjoy sex as often as I can get it, travel constantly, own homes in California's Wine Country, Tuscany, a chalet in Switzerland, an apartment in NYC, and the clincher, of course, I have no children to leave my money to. I love to be held, to slow dance, to kiss, to be romantic, to laugh, to have long talks, and there's more, we just need to discover it together. You gotta try this, the offers are flying in!

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